Thursday, February 27, 2014

Whirlwind Weeknd {Part 2}

We went to Downtown Disney on Sunday while Beth and her bunch went to surprise some friends who pastor a church just a few miles away.
I'm so happy we went to Disney on Saturday because the weather on Sunday was much hotter!
I could not love this picture more if I tried!  :)
Building Legos

Later we all went to the pool.  Swimming in February was a first!
The kids (minus Levi) loved the slide!
We then went out to dinner and received a nice compliment from a nearby table saying the kids were so well behaved and were doing so good.  We only had 1 meltdown the whole trip which to be honest, I was expecting more.  ;)
After dinner we grabbed some ice cream.
We drove passed this giant ice cream cone all weekend.  
Jacob is just like his Papaw and loves him some ice cream.
Good times were had!


Cindi said...

I couldn't love that picture more either. And swimming in February? Can I get a job transfer? Ha!

Kelley said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I love their faces. Disney is so fun!

Erin said...

I want to swim. I am so over this winter...

The Crowder Family said...

So cute! I love the hat pictures!!