Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Whirlwind Weekend {Part 1}

At the beginning of the year, we tossed around the idea of Beth, John, Kris and myself going somewhere for Beth and Kris' 40th birthdays since they are one day apart.
However, childcare didn't work out, so we decided to take them with us. 
We decided on Orlando and go to Disney for one day.  Because that's practical ;)
Friday after Jacob and Kate got out of school, we loaded up and headed to the airport. 
The kids did so good patiently waiting.  But as you can tell, they had distractions :)
I knew Levi would fall asleep on the plane.  He doesn't nap, so this was definitely a long day for him.
As we were taking the ferry over to Magic Kingdom it started raining.  And we thought, the one and only day we're here, and it's raining.  But seriously, as we were stepping off the ferry, it stopped.  Thank you Jesus!  And the temperature was perfect!
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  There's a lot!
I asked my blog buddy Sarah to design some shirts for the kiddos to wear.
I then printed onto iron-on paper.  Easy peasy.  Didn't she do a great job!

Someone started getting tired.
I cannot believe he fell asleep here.  It was so loud in this restaurant.
Luke Buddy pretending to sleep :)
We rented strollers, however, not sure they'll fit next time ;)
Sorry Aunt B!  Had to :)
The boys with the birthday boy!
The birthday kids with the munchkins :)
We were winding down for the night and decided to make our way back home.
We parted ways with Beth and them because we each had to go to a different store for a souvenir.
As we were walking out, I noticed a sign that had a 10min wait for Magician Mickey.
I said let's go see what this is about because Jacob would love to see a magic show.
I asked what it was, and it was to meet Mickey himself!  I said let's do it because for whatever reason, the first time we went, we didn't see Mickey :(
We knew Levi would be scared - the boy does not like any person/thing in a giant costume!
But Kris scooped him up and he actually high fived him on the way out. 
We didn't buy the professional pic, and the two that I took had either Jacob or Levi with their eyes closed!  And I had to tease Kris for putting his arm around Mickey :)
We then walked out as the parade was going on and stood right outside the building where we just met Mickey.  The boys were loving it!  Then we turn and there's a lady with 2 Mickey dolls handing to the boys saying Mickey saw you waiving to him in the parade and wanted you to have these!
I seriously got teary eyed!  I'm not sure why!!  Maybe because it was incredibly sweet and it just seemed so magical (cheesy, I know!).  Talk about the right place at the right time!
Then she came back and said, Mickey would like to sign them for you!  Say what?!
Best day ever, according to Jacob.  :)
To be continued... 


Cindi said...

AWE. SOME!!!! What a perfect day! And as far as the Mickey's go...Girl, I would have balled like a baby if that happened when we were there. Don't be ashamed. I get ya!

Kelley said...

I love the shirts! They turned out great! I love the pictures. Everything fell into place beautifully! Happy Birthday to Beth and Kris.

The Crowder Family said...

Oh my goodness! What great pictures! What a wonderful idea to go for Kris and Beth's birthdays! I'm so glad y'all had such a great time! The pics of Levi sleeping are so sweet, and I love that they were given Mickey's for waving at him--I would have teared up too!