Friday, March 1, 2013

Recent Phone Pics

Couldn't reach the top, so he grabbed a chair :)

I was walking througout the house putting away laundry, and I walked by and noticed Levi had done a lot of the {brand new} puzzle on his own!  Impressed this momma!

That little rump in the air is Levi's! :) 
I thought this was a pretty high slide, but that didn't stop him! 
Love it when they play together :) 

The last time I was at my parents house I found this paci in a drawer. 
Made me sad :( 

Just like his brother :)

Beth watched the boys a couple of weeks ago, and they texted me this.  So funny! :)

Happy weekend!!


Jenny Marrs said...

SO sweet!! I miss you and your boys! Let's play very soon, please :)!! XO

Kelley said...

How sweet are those pictures! Levi did great on that puzzle. He and Jacob look precious together.