Monday, March 11, 2013

Beautiful day

We had beautiful weather on Saturday, so the boys played outside for a bit and then I asked if they wanted to eat their lunch outside too.  Jacob exclaimed, "YES!"  He headed to the patio table, but I pulled out the picnic blanket and you woulda thought I told him we were going to Disney!  :)
It was a little bright out there too :)
While I was running bath water, Levi helped himself to a little snack :)
I came across this post and thought I'd give a try.
My tulips need a little help.
 And I just thought these bunnies were too cute to pass up.
The little boy/girl were at set that I got at a garge sale for $1.
Can't believe Easter is coming up!


kimmie said...

The boys are growing up too fast! I can't wait until we have lots more pretty days! Love the tulip arrangement!

Lenette Sparacino said...

Picnics outside are so fun! That is such a neat tulip arrangement! Pinterest win!