Saturday, March 16, 2013

Random as it gets

I attend my town's MOPS meetings, and this past Thursday the speaker was Kelly from Kelly's Korner.  I'm sure she hates to hear this, but she is a little celebrity in our small town.  :)
She shared her story of starting her blog, and how it got to where it is today. 
I love that she shares her faith and believes God is using her through her blog {I agree!}.
She also gave great tips to starting your own.
I was too embarrassed to ask her for a pic, so I was happy someone suggested a group photo :)
Friday Levi and I had a playdate with Jenny (sweet friend to my left in above pic and ironically who I met through Kelly's blog, so thank you Kelly!) and her twin boys, Ben & Nate.  They have some land outside of town with a small pond, so we had a little picnic then the boys threw rocks into the pond.  They loved it! 
Then the boys pretended to watch tv under a trampoline :)  So funny!
Saturday evening Jacob had a birthday party to attend for his friend, Caden.
They were in the same daycare for a few years, but we left the daycare after Jacob turned 4.
On his first day of Kindergarten, Jacob came home and said he saw Caden!
I think it's so funny they remembered each other after not seeing one other for so long.
They are not in the same class {thank goodness, I would feel sorry for that teacher!} so they have a standing playdate everyday on the playground :)
Levi wore his lucky green tshirt to school and I thought he looked so cute in his little undies!
And in this silly pose :)
He asked Jacob to stand next to him and then he did this!
Melt my heart!
The newest toy :)
'Take my picture with this face'
Oh, and totally random, but the last batch of strawberries I bought were huge!
As big as Jacob's hand!
This coming week is spring break!  Looking forward to no 7am bus stops!


Jenny Marrs said...

I love your comments about the MOPS pic! hilarious!! My random comments::-)

Kelly did such a great job sharing at the meeting. I loved hearing her story :).

Seriously looking forward to more sunshine-y days so we can have more fun times outside with our crazy boys!

And, I love my boys in their big boy underwear too. They just look so cute!

Oh - right, that strawberry is ginormous! crazy!!

Kelley said...

That's awesome that you got to meet Kelly. I bet she is just as great in person as she is on her blog. Your boys are the cutest!