Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Festivities!

We had Jacob's birthday party last Sunday afternoon.
I got yummy cupcakes from Sam's Club.
I used this free printable to make the flag toppers.
Hard to believe we had to use a #6 candle - sniff, sniff.
Two hands!!
Since Sam's sells their cupcakes in increments of 30 (sheesh), the party favor was what else... a cupcake!  Found the cutest cupcake boxes at Hobby Lobby.
Getting ready to sing happy birthday.
Love this shy look as we were singing :)
Made a wish
So the next morning was his actual birthday, and first day back to school since spring break {hence the tired look on his face and crazy bed head}.

I made these birthday cake pancakes
Later Kris and I went to have lunch with Jacob at his school.
We brought him Sonic :)
And sang happy birthday again!
For dinner we went out to eat and Beth and her crew joined us. 
We came home for dessert for one last cupcake.
And you guessed it, sang happy birthday!  And blew out more candles! :)

 I don't believe you can sing happy birthday too many times!
Regardless how big or small the party, I want my boys to know they are loved and feel extra special on their birthday.
He told me he wished for a great birthday!  And he said it was the best :) 
Sweet boy!
We had fun celebrating you, Jacob!!


The Crowder Family said...

What a fun birthday you made it for Jacob! You and I are so much alike--we do at least a couple of days worth of birthday celebrations too! And I made Sarah those same birthday cake pancakes for her birthday--they were so good, I plan on making them on some weekends now too! I love the picture of Kris and Jacob at school! And I just adore all of Jacob's bed head! He is too cute!

Kelley said...

I love your decorations for his party! Your cupcake boxes are fantastic. That is a great idea. I need to remember that. I can't believe he is 6 years old. I am not sure how the time flies so fast like that. He is so sweet!

Erin said...

How I love celebrating these little ones' birthdays! Looks like he had a wonderful day.