Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Way Back When-esday

Thought I'd take ya'll back, waaaaaay back to the early/mid 80s :)
I'm between 8-10 years old

Exhibit A:
Attending a mother / daughter banquet at church, and for some reason had to wear a silly hat.

Exhibit B:
Here I am (next to the teacher) standing proud as a Daisy.  Did your church have those?  :)
Guess we are reciting the Daisy moto?  :)  

Exhibit C:
After a Daisy, I had graduated to a Prim.  
I have zero recollection of this picture.  Nor do the props behind me ring a bell.  
I do remember this uniform itching me to death!  

If the first picture didn't tell ya, I was a very shy kid.  Sheesh Kimberley, stand up straight, it's just a picture!!

When I see myself as a Daisy and a Prim, I think to myself, why only one lonely badge?  LOL
I'm going to bet I had more, it's just that my mother didn't sew them on for me :)

I hope you have enjoyed a few laughs at my expense :)

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Kelley said...

That is so great! I loved seeing your pictures. Jacob looks so much like you then.