Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Wreath

I spend way too much time on Pinterest.  
But there are so many neat ideas, recipes, you name it, out there!

Leslie, Melody and myself got together last night for a craft night.
We were each making a Halloween wreath.  

This was my inspiration found on Pinterest.

I gave it a whirl and here is the finished product.

Click here for a tutorial.

Thanks ladies for a fun evening.  


Brittany said...

WAY . TO . GO!!!

Melody said...

Looks great! Thanks for inviting me last night. It was fun to get together and get our craft on.

kimmie said...

I love it!! Yours looks better than the Pinterest picture!!

amywelborn said...

Supa cute!!! Dontcha loooove pinterest!!

Kelley said...

I have to try that! I love it!

The Robinsons said...

this is so cute. why were you making a coffee filter one?