Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our Saturday

Saturday afternoon, while Levi was napping, I decided to climb into the attic and get down my fall decor.
Our dining room table is rarely used, so instead of placing decor throughout the house, I built a tablescape. :)
I might add candy corn to the canisters.  Not sure...  The big scarecrow caught me off guard last night, and I had to take a second look.  :)

Jacob's new thing is to play outback in front of the shed because there is no grass, just dirt!
A little boy's dream. :)  The old me would've told him to get out of the dirt, but I know he is having fun, so he played and played forever... in dirt!  
I stripped him down and he went straight to the bath afterwards ;)

My niece Kate is playing soccer, and she had her first game Saturday.  
Beth forgot to remind me, so we missed it, but here are a few pictures I stole from John. :)
She scored a goal!!

"Good game, good game"  

Later that evening, we went over to their house to watch the Hogs play.
Then we made s'mores!

It was such a nice night!


Kelley said...

That looks like tons of fun!

kimmie said... me some smores!!! Looks like a fun day and I love your fall tablescape!! Great job!

Beth said...

wow, look at your decor....
I totally need you to update my blog.
s'mores were yummy. we did again tonight and instead of chocolate - did peanut butter cups.

Pittman said...

good times!

Emily said...

Love the tablescape! I love fall!

Smore's yum!

Wanted to see how the hCG was? How did that go?