Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Special Request

As most of us do, we stumble upon someones blog - who we don't even know, and begin to become a follower. I did just that with this lady's blog. She lives here in Bentonville, and I actually remember her from the hallways at Walmart, however, I don't know her personally. She is famous in "blogland". She had her first child, a daughter named Harper, this past Friday. I became a reader of this blog when she was around 6-7mos pregnant, so I've been waiting for her delivery like a lot of people. The baby had problems soon after delivery, and is now in the NICU in Tulsa. She has thousands of thousands of people praying for her, but I thought more prayers could not hurt - especially now after seeing pictures of the sweet baby. If you'd like to get acquainted, click on the picture below. Thanks!

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