Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Times!

This post is more for my memory - thought it would be easier than pulling out the babybook. Here are just a few things Jacob is doing these days that make Kris and I smile from ear to ear:

He is saying bye to anyone and everything. Strangers in the stores are getting a "bye bye" with a wave from Jacob. And most are willing to return the gesture. At dinnertime, he is saying "bye bye" to his food: bye bye banana, bye bye bread. It's so funny.

When he drops or spills something, he'll say "uh oh Jayyyycuuuuub". As if he's done something wrong. Maybe he's heard us say that before? :)

He is grabbing our nose and saying "honk honk". I have no idea where he got this - possibly daycare or maybe Meme. I need to ask her.

He enjoys wearing his Elmo shoes (slippers sounds too girly). He brings them to us and wants us to put them on - even over his sleeper.

And lastly, I know I've mentioned "The Little Golden Book: The Story of Jesus" before, but he still loves this book. He will walk around the house looking for it while saying "Jesus?, Jesus?, Jesus?" over and over until he finds it. And when he does, he says "Jeeeeesssssuuuuuussss" - like a mini reunion between the two.

Our little man (like your kiddos) makes us smile nonstop. We are having the best time watching him grow and learn more and more and develop a little personality. We love you Jayyyycuuuuub!!


The Robinsons said...

a sweet post for sweet jaaayyyycuuuubbbb!

Beth said...

I love that little man! He is so precious!