Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Tonight I put Jacob to bed, and all was good until about 5mins later he started crying - which is not like him. I thought oh he'll stop in a just a few. Well his cry got harder and harder and then I hear "momma". I stopped in my tracks, and heard it again and again. This is definitely a FIRST! A part of me thought it was so sweet that he wanted his momma. Of course it also broke my heart, so I gave in and went to him and he was standing up with his arms held out. Boy he knows right where to get me! I picked him up and we swayed for a few minutes. I put him back down, and he was good. But I'm afraid he'll remember this number for future use.


winbe said...

How sweet, he just needed one last snuggle with you before going to bed.

The Robinsons said...

awww. we are suckers when it comes to our little boys, aren't we?

Beth said...

oh no! He knows how to get you! Bless his heart. I bet he meant "aunt B"