Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of Second Grade!

First day of school!!  I can't believe it's here and I have a 2nd grader!
He looks 13!
Being sweet and innocent with his teacher ;)

Kept the tradition with the BTS tablescape.
I bought the Starbucks drinks in the glass container (a 4pk).
Took 2 and painted with chalkboard paint.
Thank you Pinterest.

While Jacob was at school, we ran around this morning and stopped at a consignment shop.
I saw this Melissa&Doug wooden bus (brand new!) and I had to get it :)
Coming home! 
Ready to hear about his day!
Obligatory comparison pic.
Who is this big kid?!?! 
And where is Jacob!?
Meanwhile, we heard roughly 12,849 times, "is it time for Jacob?" from this guy!
We are ready for a new school year!


The Crowder Family said...

Please make him stop growing! Goodness, he's the cutest! And I love that Levi was asking about him all day! As always, your table is too cute! I have tons of those Starbucks bottles--what a great idea to paint them with chalkboard paint!

Erin said...

Cannot believe the difference in Jacob in just one year! Amazing.