Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Durango, CO

On our way back from Silverton, we stopped in Durango at the Durango Mountain Ski Resort.
I heard the Alpine Slide was a must.
Levi was young enough to ride with Kris, and Jacob got to ride by himself (which I was a tad nervous about). 
You had to ride a chair lift to the top.  Jacob's first time, he loved it.
You basically ride a sled down the slope.
You can ride side by side, and that is what Jacob and I did.
You can control your speed thank goodness, and I actually had to tell Jacob to slow down so I could catch up. :) 

So stinkin' FUN!!!!

I should backup.  They had to stop the chair lift 3 times because Levi DID NOT want to ride!
Jacob and I were ahead of them and I could hear his wailing loud and clear!
I knew he would like the slide, we just needed to get him to the top. :)  

Luckily he calmed down and sat still for the ride.
I should point out that it was Kris' first time riding too, and he's not the biggest fan of heights. 
HA! :)
It was sooo fun!!  Highly recommend!!
We also stopped at a train museum. 
The boys could've stayed there all day!

The models they had set up were pretty cool. 
They watched the trains run all throughout the little town.
I just realized it looks like Levi is touching it, but he was just pointing (his 2 fingers crack me up!).

Meme and Papaw were generous enough to give the kiddos some spending money for the trip.
Both boys decided on a train set, go figure!
(same train, different colors)
Thank you Meme and Papaw!!!!
 A little video with some commentary from the little people :)


Jenny Marrs said...

how fun!!!! oh my goodness -- looks like an awesome trip!!

Lenette Sparacino said...

This looks SO fun!!!!