Friday, August 22, 2014

Final Vacay Recap

So we took a different route heading home from Colorado.
We went through Kansas on the way there.
Coming back we went through New Mexico (which I'd never been), Texas and Oklahoma.
Other than for lunch, we didn't stop in NM. 
But it was like I envisioned.  Dry.
We missed our chance to get the boy's picture in front of the Texas sign (we were in the left lane, and couldn't get over, ha!).  We stayed in Amarillo, and ate at The Big Texan (home of the free 72oz steak if you finish in an hour). 

This was at 10pm!  And it was going strong! 


The next morning before heading home, we stopped by the Cadillac Ranch.
 I should look up the story about Cadillacs buried on the side of the road that's now a tourist attraction.
And you spray paint them. 
Take your camera because your creation will be gone in a matter of minutes.
We didn't have any spray paint, but there were plenty of cans leftover that the kids were able to use.
And talk about the fumes!  Woo wee!!!
Key boys!
Back on the road for a bit, then we stopped in Shamrock, TX to see the historic Route 66 gas station.
If you've seen the movie Cars (which the boys have memorized), you will recognize it.

And this concludes the vacay recaps :)

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Cindi said...

Oh my cars me! This makes me want to back some bags, fill up with gas, and drive to see every single one of these places. What a fabulous, fabulous trip!!!