Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We Appreciate You, Teacher!

For teacher appreciation ideas, I went to the trusty pinterest.
It did not dissapoint.
I thought the 'hands down' one was so cute!
It can be found here
I traced the boys' hands, cut them out, then Jacob signed his name on the back of his, and I did Levi's :)
The 'one smart cookie' can be found here
Jacob's school-bus driver is super nice and great with the kiddos, so I didn't want to forget about him (or at Christmas either). 
I found this idea.  Isn't it adorable?! :)

These are Hershey Nuggets that I wrapped with the free printable. 
Isn't it cute!?!

Love his chicken scratch :)
Funny story:
I don't recall giving gifts to any of my teachers in school. 
Not sure when the Teacher Appreciation Week started (?).
But I do remember in the first grade (for no apparent reason), I cut a {single} red rose off one of my mom's rose bushes.  I held it on the bus, all the way to school and was about to give it to my teacher (whom I loved), but before I could, another student came walking in with a dozen roses!!!  Obviously from a florist, too!  My little first-grader heart was broken. 
What were the chances?! 
I didn't give her the rose.  I was too embarrassed.  :( 
Now let's all say together... awwwwww.  


Jenny Marrs said...

you're the queen of pinterest!! I LOVE these ideas and that school bus gift is the cutest EVER!! Great job, momma!!

awwww.... your poor little 1st grade sad is that?! And, you remember it! {I don't remember giving gifts to our teacher's either...hmmm}.

Kelley said...

Those are super cute teacher gifts! I am sure they all loved it! Especially the bus driver!

His Doorkeeper said...

Both of those school gifts are just darling! I taught school for many years and got some gifts but none as CLEVER as today's Pinterest ideas!! Love that bus driver's gift!!

Your boys are just those beautiful dark eyes!! Happy Mother's Day!