Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hello Summer!

I saw this idea on Pinterest (do you get tired of hearing me say that?) and wanted to do it for Jacob when he came home from school on his last day.
Here he comes!
It was also hat day, which I think changes his look.

I love this picture.  From the bus leaving, to him seeing the sign for the first time.
Yea, you did it!
Even though it took longer to make and hang the sign, having him see it for those couple of minutes made it all worth it.  A little memory I hope is now etched in his mind. :)
Afterwards we went over to Beth's house to celebrate with my niece Kate and a couple of other kiddos who finished kindergarten as well.  Beth made this rainbow cake.
Isn't it cute?  A big hit with the kiddos!  Tasted delish too!
We officially have a first grader on our hands!


Frank and Natalie said...

How cute! That is a memory he will have forever. Good job, mom!

Erin said...

Love that cake idea. Not that I am going to do it ;). Hope your summer break is fabulous!

Emily said...

Love that idea! and no I dont get tired of you saying that.. because if it wasn't for pinterest, I wouldn't do half of the things I do.

Fun memories!!

Beth said...

ugh, my cake is lopsided and i ran out of icing....poor little cake.

Jenny Marrs said...

ADORABLE!!!!! the sign! the photo of the "first look"! and the cake! all of it. so, so cute!!

The Crowder Family said...

Too cute! You're such a great Mommy!