Friday, August 10, 2012

Let's Catch Up!

You would think since I haven't blogged in forever that I would have a ton to share with you.  
Well it's actually the opposite.  Not much happening, so no blogging.  

Since I was about to mark week 2 since my last post, I intentionally grabbed the camera to take a few pictures of my rugrats!

They actually spent this past week at my parents house.
My mom met us at the halfway point (Alma) and we happily handed them over. :)
Momma needed a break!

They had 6 acres to roam, ice cream every night, 4wheeler rides, and baths in the kitchen sink, well Levi that is.  Jacob said he wanted to move to Dardanelle.  I would too if I got Meme's cooking every night!

Now they are back, and my house looks like a tornado hit it.  At least it was clean for a few days!

I pulled out a storage container of toys they hadn't seen in at least 6mos.
When Jacob saw it, you would've thought it was Christmas!

I'd venture to say the Home Depot Apron has shrunk since he last wore it ;)

Little brother loved wearing the tool belt :)

And hard hat!

I walked to the hall closet to get a towel and come back to this!

We are still enjoying the shaving kit Meme got the boys for Christmas.

We are settling back into our rhythm, but pretty soon (10 days) our world will be rocked!

Oh, and our dear friends, the Winberrys, had their precious baby boy last Saturday.
So thankful for this long-awaited blessing!!  Looking forward to many snuggles!!


kimmie said...

I was wondering what happened to you!! I was just thinking today I hadn't seen any post from you lately!! Glad you had some quiet time!! The boys are just as cute as ever!!

Sara said...

The boys are getting so big!!

Brittany said...

LOVE bath pics! They are my favorite! ;)