Friday, August 31, 2012

Around here

I promise I had nothing to do with this... I have a box of keepsake cards, letters, etc... that is wrapped with this bow and Levi found it and put it on his head :)

I had The Today Show on the tv and they were showing a cat that had half a black face and half tan.
Levi saw it and wanted to hold it.  So cute :)
sorry little man, mama doesn't like cats

Jacob wanted to play Connect Four, well his version anyway :)

Which turned out to be a great fine-motor skill project for Levi :)

We met a new friend at the bus stop last week, Jane, who is also in kindergarten (different class than Jacob).
She and Jacob have been sitting together on the bus and they are so cute!  Each day after school they ask if the other can come over to play, so yesterday we had Jane over.

She is so sweet and she played soccer last year with my niece Kate.
In fact, she is in this post.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Jenny said...

How sweet is June?! Love that pic of them together on the chair - adorable!!

And, oh my! that photo with the bow is CLASSIC!!! ahhahahah!! love it!!

Kelley said...

How Sweet! Love seeing how them play connect four! My kinda way! That is precious Jacob met a new friend on the bus.