Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Levi Scott Key
8lbs 10oz

Absolutely breathtaking!!!

The surgery went so smooth - thank you Lord!
We are both doing well and getting to know one another.   :)

I think the only time he has cried or been upset was when he first entered the world.
Maybe this is a glimpse of how well-natured he will be.  :)
That is my wish.  :)

Momma's new little man

Ever so proud Daddy

Absolute favorite picture ever!!  

I have been so surprised how well Jacob has taken to being at the hospital and seeing me hooked up to machines and lying in bed.  He is already showing wonderful signs of being a big brother.  He keeps calling him baby instead of Levi.  So sweet!

We are so blessed beyond  measure.  Levi is just perfect and I cannot wait to start our new life with him. 

oh, and I guess I totally have no mother's intuition.
I was so convinced Levi would be Chloe.  :)
We'll still keep 'em.

Our hearts have burst!!  
Love you to the moon Levi!!


Becky said...

He's so beautiful!!! Congratulations :) Enjoy your time with your new little angel!

The Robinsons said...

love that last picture too!! he is just so so precious! congrats, again!

Kelley said...

He is so beautiful! I love his name! Congrats!

Jacquie said...

Congratulations!!! Levi is BEAUTIFUL. I thought my second boy was going to be a girl, too... never even picked a boy's name out... how sad is that?

I hope you have a smooth transition to a family of four!!

Kristen said...

Congratulations to all of you!! He is just beautiful! I always just knew I would have two boys - that is what I wanted :) And I had no intuition either - I knew Ava was a boy and then I knew Sam was a girl - HA!! Congrats again!!