Monday, June 21, 2010


We had received a couple of comments that Jacob's hair was so long it looked like he was wearing a wig!
I was waiting until closer to the arrival of baby #2 so he would have a fresh haircut for pictures.  
Should that even matter?  Probably not, but that is how my mind works!

Kris and I have tackled him the last few haircuts with the clippers.
I couldn't remember what number we used the last time, but I knew I wanted it short so we went with a 2.

After the first run through I think my heart skipped a beat.  
I thought "oh no, we've scalped him!".

I don't think it's so bad, it was just a big difference between the wig and the buzz.  :)
p.s.  he was helping Kris with the tape to hang the "K" wall decal above our bed that I mentioned in a previous post.  However, there will be no K.  The swirls were way too thin and it was impossible to peal off the paper without tearing.  So waste of money.  :(  


amywelborn said...

What a heartbreaker he is going to be!!!!

Kelley said...

I love his haircut!