Saturday, April 25, 2009

Watching Chunky Monkey

I watched Luke "aka Chunky Monkey" today while Beth and John went out of town. He truly is a sweet baby. I got a glimpse of how Jacob might react around another baby - all I can say is... jealous! Boy, he did not want to share his Momma at all! I cannot believe how much he would deliberately pick on Luke. I don't know how many times I had to say, "leave him alone".

Then there were times when they were making each other laugh, and it was so precious. They were actually playing together - so cute! Luke is so funny when he gets excited. He gets the biggest grin (with all those teeth) and starts crawling like a madman.

He loved looking out the front door. Sat there for a while content as could be. Look at those legs!

Trying to get him to wave at me.

He loved sitting in the big boy chair at the table. Cute!
And yes, Jacob has on 2 different pajamas.

Jacob was already in his crib taking a nap, so I made a pallet on the floor for Luke - picture didn't quite turn out.
Laughing from the flash of the camera. I would also say this summed up our day together! Good times Luke!! We love you!!!!


The Robinsons said...

you are such a good auntie. that last picture was the best. it is cute seeing the two play together.

Beth said...

oh those are good pics! thank you for watching him. He loves his aunt sissy. i cannot believe how big he looks sitting at that table...sniff, sniff.