Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello, anyone there?

I'm actually sitting here thinking as if I have a hundred readers and I need to be more entertaining than just posting pics of my kid. Should I feel guilty for showing off my favorite subject? Should I cut back? I'm just not creative enough to write compelling, entertaining posts. I mean for pete's sake I put the Ped Egg on here! Which I still haven't used by the way, however, I did get a professional to work on these hoofs! So I should be good for now.

Does anyone else get into a fog and not have anything to post? Why do I feel like I need to post regularly? I don't want to lose the 2 readers I have because they become uninterested in just another picture of my son.

Would you rather watch a video?
p.s. Beth, it's only 29sec. I think you have time.


The Robinsons said...

i love your blog b/c it lets me know more about you. it's a good mix of family and randomness. it's your blog so you should put what you like.

but i get where you're coming. i've had blog fatigue for a while now. i sometimes have an idea to post something other than nick, but then i just get really lazy.

winbe said...

Hey I love Way back Wednesday and all the other pics but I definitely understand what you are talking about. Just blog about whatever makes you happy. I'm sure people get tired when I'm on a coupon kick but hey it's my blog.

Joycee said...
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Joycee said...

I am new to blogging so I still have the "voices in my head" telling me what to post! I see you are in the NW AR area too, I'm at Rogers. Come visit me at
joy c.