Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I haven't been in the blogging mood lately because I'm still having to use the "backup", but I thought I would do a quick recap of Christmas for my 5 readers. :) However, I'm unable to post any pictures until the other laptop is back.

Kris had to work a half day (7am-1pm) on Christmas Eve and a full day (7am-7pm) on Christmas Day, so we managed to squeeze in The Key Family Christmas around 2pm on Christmas Eve. Jacob and I were ready for Kris when he got home from work, and we got the camera and video camera ready and all the presents distributed. I laughed when I heard Kris say "good morning Jacob" as he began videotaping.

Jacob didn't really take to opening gifts. He did a little bit at first, but for the most part we had to rip them open for him. His eyes lit up and there were a few smiles for some of the Elmo gifts - his favorite character. We tried not to go overboard with gifts since our house already looks like a daycare.

We then headed over to Meme and Papaw's house to celebrate with them and the Pittmans. My mom made a wonderful meal and we ate too much and then exchanged a few gifts with one another. The adults draw names and so that's always fun to see what each other gets. Then Friday night Kris' mom, sister, and nephew came over and we got to spend some time with them.

Jacob sure has enjoyed the Christmas tree. Every time we come home, he immediately says "lights". Which is asking us to turn on the Christmas tree. Then he says "dog". Which is a stocking that Meme got him last year that plays music and the ears wave up and down. He loves walking around the house carrying it.

Today Kris and I took the tree down and put away all the decorations - which is a first for us. I don't think I've ever taken a tree down this early. When we got home from picking Jacob up from daycare, Jacob looked over to where the tree was and I know he was thinking "didn't there used to be a tree there?" Then he looked up at the mantle and didn't see "dog" there either. He had the most perplexed look on his face. He looked at me with those big eyes and said in the saddest voice... dog? I told him dog went nite nite and we'll see him next year. haha

Ok, I'll wrap this up. I hate posting without pics - just kills me.


Beth said...

I'm sad, no pics. Kate loves that dog too.

The Robinsons said...

aww, so sad. i can just picture him coming home and wondering what happened. hope you guys have a happy new year!!