Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Proud Moment

I just can't help myself, I must share another proud moment.

Tonight we ventured to Walmart, and as we're walking in the parking lot, Jacob says "M", then "A". He of course was looking at the big Walmart on the building. YEA Jacob! Then we were in the store, and I asked Kris about a toy and I said you know, the "E.L.M.O" toy (spelling out Elmo), and before Kris could answer, Jacob said "Elmo?"


p.s. We went to see Santa today, and I'm trying to upload the pic, but its giving me problems. I will try again later.

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Beth said...

OK, ALREADY! Your kid is a genius, he can spell and READ! Just kidding, he is so awesome, love that little kiddo!