Saturday, March 26, 2016

Our very first pet

Jacob received some birthday money, so the next day we told him we'd take him to Toys R Us.  
And to my surprise, he couldn't find anything that he had to have!
So we walked next door to Barns & Noble... nothing.  Walmart... nothing.

Then it hit him!  "I'd really like a hamster!"
Um, exsqueese me!?!?!  

I was not on board with his decision, so after convincing from Kris, we brought home Sam, the hamster.  She's directly above Jacob's head. 

Kris said he had a hamster as a kid, and loved it.  And since I'm not ready to add a dog anytime soon, a hamster will suffice.   

Since this pic was taken, we've already upgraded her cage!  Sheesh!  She's actually now in a 20gal fish tank.  And guess what... we're in the process of making some DIY toys for her.  I mean, I've been looking on Pinterest!  Who am I!?!  We even got her one of those balls so she can roll around the house!  And I catch myself going into the room just to see what she's doing.  I've lost my mind.  
The boys definitely enjoy her, and I hope we're making memories so they can share with their kids someday.  

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