Friday, March 25, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday, Jacob!!!

His last night as an 8yr old.

Happy 9th Birthday, Jacob!!!

The theme he chose this year was space. 
He's really been into learning about all the planets and solar system, so we got him a couple of gifts pertaining to that.

Since his birthday fell during spring break, we got up that morning and went to his choice of breakfast, McDonalds. After that, we went to the Amazeum.  It's less than 2 miles from our house and they have been begging to go since it opened, so no better day than Jacob's birthday!  They loved it! 

Then it was party time! 
I asked Kris to draw some planets on our sidewalk, but our guests thought they were Easter eggs, ha!

I did think he did a great job drawing Earth :)

We served pizza and cake.
I forgot the ice cream in the freezer! 

I thought his cake was super cute!

I dusted off my silhouette machine and made a banner.  

I found his shirt on clearance for $4! 

The candles were too cute!

I know I say this every year, and will probably continue to do so, but I can't believe he's 9!
It is going by entirely too fast!
But I love watching the young man he's becoming.

Here are 9 things that make you who you are:
1. You are filled with random facts and love to share what you've learned.
2. You have the biggest heart!
3. You are STILL a picky eater!
4. You require little sleep.  You would stay up till midnight if we let you, and then be up at 6am to start your day.
5. You are a great big brother! You adore Levi!
6. You love to swim and jump off the diving board.
7. You're a homebody.
8. You are not shy, thank goodness!
9. You march to the beat of your own drum :)

Happy Birthday, Jacob!  xoxo
We love you all the way to Neptune and back around the sun!

Later I discovered Jacob added a little something to the calendar I have hanging on the fridge.
I didn't want to forget :)

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