Thursday, December 31, 2015

4th Annual Favorite Things Party!

Right before Christmas I hosted my 4th Annual Favorite Things Party
I had so much fun with these ladies. 
The Lord has let my path cross with all these sweet friends, and I am forever grateful.
blurry photo cred:  Kris, HA! :)

The only other pics were of food!  :)

I made Pioneer Woman's Crazy Brownies.
So so rich!  Woo wee!!

I was so stinkin excited to use my thrift-store finds for the hot chocolate.

I found the hot chocolate spoon idea on Pinterest.
I ordered the wooden spoons off Amazon.

I made homemade whipped cream, froze it, then used a cookie cutter to cut out little hearts.
And guess what, I left them in the freezer and forgot to pull them out! 
Of course.

A friend from church makes the cutest cookies!  I ordered some for the party.
I mean!!!

I had the best time and I'm already looking forward to the 5th!!

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