Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!!

We had a great Halloween this year!
I came across some pics of the boys that made for great comparisons :)

I pulled this shirt out for Levi to wear and remember Jacob wearing it.
In his pic, Jacob is 4yrs 7mos and Levi is 5yrs 4mos!

Jacob chose to be a Ninja Turtle, specifically Raph :)

Even though this pic is dark, it cracks me up.
Levi was a Power Ranger, and he wanted to eat his lunch in it :)
We made some yummy cupcakes

Unable to hold his excitement!

Is this not the funniest thing?!?!
On our way to Meme and Papaw's house :)

Met up with Luke and Kate

We got a little festive at our house :)

I passed out candy while Kris took the boys trick or treating.
Once they got back, I could not keep them away from the door!
They do this every year!  They love to hand it out!

Halloween came to an end, and someone could not hold their eyes open! :)

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Erin said...

That mirror picture is great! Love everything about it.