Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Movin' on Up!

My parents sold their house in my hometown and are moving to our town! 
I'm happy they'll now be here, but you know what, I'm actually sad, too!
Even though I left (20yrs ago), I still had ties to my hometown and always had a reason to go back.
I had a great childhood and so many memories came flooding back each time I drove through that small town. 
I don't know how to explain it, it's just an odd/weird feeling. 
I still have family there, so it doesn't make it that sad I guess.  :)
We drove down to help pack, move boxes, clean, purge, etc...
Now my mom is not a hoarder, but she held onto a few things :)
So many things worth noting in this pic:  obviously my dad's hair!  mom's shirt, dad's shirt!
And little Beth.
Back of the picture said County Fair 1976 :)
(guess they left me with the babysitter, ha!)

Soooooo many newspaper clippings, but this one had to be my favorite!
She literally was "mother of the year!"  LOL!!
And the title still stands to this day! :)

 Now that's a good interest rate!

Beth made this crown.  It's a good 30yrs old.

Seriously, we look nothing alike.

This little gem made me laugh out loud!
On the front said Happy Father's Day.
Here's the inside:
Dear Dad, you might be old but I think you have a long way to go.
Dad you have been mean through days but I love you.
By: Beth and Kim
What a heart-felt Father's Day card!
You can't buy that in the store!  HA! :)

These glasses have been around forever and always gives us a good laugh! 

I loved games as a kid!  Still do!
Mom still had a few of ours.
Remember Stuff Yer Face?
The boys loved it.  Gosh that thing's old!
I was sad to leave, but I think I'll go down one more time before the big move.  :)


Beth said...

I did not make that crown. They gave it to me.

Cindi said...

Ahhhh I'm dieing looking at the games you guys get to play! Why oh WHY didn't we save some of these gems. I've already started stalking ebay for Stay Alive. I need to add Stuff Yer Face to my wish list!!!