Monday, July 13, 2015

Lake Fun!

If I was a betting person, I would've lost!
I was certain Levi would scream wanting off the tube!
But he proved me wrong and wouldn't get out of the dern thing!  HA!
You could barely see his little head! 

Beth and I got in the tube.  But there's not a picture of it (Kris!)
We cackled so hard!  It was so funny!!

I'm actually not a fan of the lake.
Something about being in water too deep to see the bottom and not knowing what's around you kinda freaks me out.  But I had to be brave for the boys since they wanted us to get in with them. 
But we still had a good time and I'm happy Beth invited us to go.  :)
Little man was passed out as soon as we got in the car. :)


Beth said...

Good times in the tube! That dude was worn out. He's so funny.

Erin said...

Sheri and I tubed over the 4th of July. We laughed until we hurt. And I agree about not being a lake person. I go to be with the family, but I would much prefer to be having fun somewhere else.