Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday, Levi!!

Today my baby turns 4!  So hard to believe :(
Over the last couple of months, we would randomly ask him what he wanted on his cake and his answer was always Superman.  So we loosely went with a superman theme. :)
 He woke up to a little surprise on the kitchen table. 
Singing Happy Birthday to him :)
Making a wish!


Instead of throwing a party, we met Beth's family for pizza then went bowling.
Kris' mom and nephew were in town, so they joined us too.
Singing happy birthday again :)

Hmmm... I wonder what this gift is? :)
I know he's mine, but gosh he's cute! 



Super Levi!! 
Love my baby!!  Can't believe he's 4!! 

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Cindi said...

Happy 4th Birthday Superman!!!!! Oh my word, Kimberley, I can't handle the four. With Jake I have the hardest time with the "odd" birthdays..ooh especially number 3. I was NOT pretty! But with Parker, just the thought of him turning four hurts my whole heart. Why oh why do they grow up? Sigh. :(