Sunday, January 5, 2014

Staying Busy

A few days after Christmas, we had decent-temperature weather, so Beth asked if I wanted to take the kiddos on a walking trail that led to a waterfall. 
sidenote:  the same waterfall where Kris propsed ;)
But once we got there, we saw this sign :(
This was our Walley World moment :(
"Sorry folks.  Park's closed."
Luckily there was another area to walk, just no waterfall.
We walked to the lake
And naturally, kiddos had to throw rocks.
Beth had a couple of extra tickets to the Razorback basketball game, and was nice enough to ask Kris and I to go. 

Using the panoramic setting.  
We hit up the Chickfila
Then a local thrift store!  My fave!
Stay warm!

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Kelley said...

Can you believe this weather? It shouldn't be this cold without snow here.