Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Life Lately

No reason for not blogging.  Haven't been busy, just the same mundane day to day stuff.
Couldn't tell ya the last time I took a pic with our actual camera, so phone pics it is!
With that being said, here is the most random post ever:
And if you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen most of these
During our last snow days, Kris thought it would be the perfect time for a DIY project.
We've been wanting to update our guest bath, and we had the materials, so one cold January day he began.  He's had to work around his work schedule, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I can't wait to share the after photos - hopefully next week!
The boys, well one of them, watching tv in our bed.
The cousins singing "Let it Go" from Frozen.
Someone's been sleeping in my bed... again!
One of the million trips to Lowe's.  Seriously, Kris needs a PT job there! 
My dad was in town last week.  He, along with Beth and Luke, surprised Jacob at school and ate lunch with him.

Jacob lost tooth #4. 
Thanking our Lord for watching over Levi.  He had his follow-up appointment with the cardiologist to go over the results of his last echo.  His aortic valve does have a tiny bit of leakage and the pressure inside has increase a tad, but he's still considered in the mild range, so they are good with that.  He will continue to get an echo yearly and we trust God that he will watch over our little man.
Mr. Cool waiting on the doctor :)
he is loving his woody boots, as he calls them :)
Can't believe January is almost over!  Say what?!


Erin said...

I am the same way about my blog recently. Just don't have a lot to say. Levi looked so big in those last pictures. They do grow up so fast.

Kelley said...

So glad that Levi is ok. Your pictures are precious!

Cindi said...

Woody boots....ahhhh he melts me. Praise the Lord for a great report!