Monday, November 11, 2013

Silly boys!

All 3 of my boys were being silly the other night.
They think wearing Kris' glasses is so funny!  Probably because everything is blurry to them!
Couldn't do a post without a couple pics of Levi asleep ;)
Some days he cannot hold his eyes open since he doesn't take a nap.
They love taking a selfie!
one more ;)
He crawled up next to me and laid his sweet little head down and I knew within minutes he'd be out.
Thankfully my phone was nearby ;)
Why does he think he's big enough to operate the remote control?
He actually does a really good job!
look at my precious Jacob in the background.  sniff sniff!


Kelley said...

They are growing up so fast! They are both super cute!

The Crowder Family said...

So sweet! I love their selfie! Ha! Isn't it the best when they curl up on you?!