Wednesday, November 6, 2013

First Tooth Lost!

Jacob lost his first tooth today! 
We didn't know when it would happen being that so many other kids were on their 4th or more tooth!
When he came home from school today he quickly showed me the progress on his tooth.
It was hanging on by a thread!
He's pushing it out with his tongue. 
He really wanted to lose it at school because he said the nurse would put it in a treasure box.  HA!
I asked him if I could wiggle it, and when I did, it came out! :)
He kept saying over and over he wanted a 'window' in his mouth.  ha!
He then wanted to write a note to his class. :)
and I love the pic he drew.  HA! :)
So fun hitting another milestone! 


Beth said...

Oh that sweet boy! Love the note and his drawing AND his window. Yea!

Beth said...
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