Saturday, October 5, 2013

Apple Fest

Like I mentioned in my last post, Jacob's school's fall festival was after school on Friday.
Since apple is in his school's name, they refer to it as Apple Fest.
They had bouncy houses, games, pony rides, and food.
Levi got to play some games, too.
Here he got the ring toss on the first try :)

He loves to spin the wheel!
Levi paying with his ticket.
 I wasn't sure how Levi would do on the horse, so I only bought one voucher for the pony, I mean horse ride :) 
Jacob loved it!
While sweet brother watched :)
Nothing made me laugh harder than seeing these staches! 
I mean just look at this and try not to laugh!  Impossible!
I've already sent this picture off to be printed into a 5x7.  It's a framer! :)
And because I'm still learning my new phone :)
Good times!

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