Friday, October 4, 2013

A little of this, a little of that

Once again, I am recapping rather than posting as it happens.  Oh well....
More randomness, shall we?  :)
A couple of weeks ago, our church was blessed to have Kari Jobe in concert. 
(I love seeing the 3 large crosses through the windows at church)
It was incredible to get to worship with her!
Thank you Meme for watching the boys for us!
Then the following weekend I attended {my 3rd} Beth Moore conference in Tulsa with some friends.
Once again, she delivered!
I would love to be in one of her personal bible studies.  She can teach the bible like none other!
It comes to life!
She came up into the crowd in our section :)
Love her!  Go see her if you can!
p.s.  I must confess...  remember my last post about waking up to find the boys painting their toys?  We'll I was at the BM conference.  Kris actually woke up to that :) 
Jacob's school had Spirit Night at the nearby McDonald's this week.
A portion of the sales go back to his school, so we gladly participated :)
I wish you could've heard Levi when he saw these 2 walk out.  So funny!
But like his Papaw, he loved the ice cream :)
Speaking of Levi, recently it's been harder to put him to bed at night.
So we decided to move his bed into Jacob's room.  They love it! 
Had to capture their first night together.  So far so good. 
Just have to tell them to quit talking a few times. :)
Why do boys like to put underwear on their head?!
Thankfully it's a clean pair!
It's dress like a cowboy day at school!  And I think this one is super cute! :)
He just makes my heart smile! 
Especially when he brings school work home and spells his middle name as he hears it. :)

Yes, that is him trying to peel and core an apple ON THE COUCH!
Never know what they'll do when I'm in the shower!  Sheesh!
Oops, I did it again.  I should make a photo album of just pictures of them sleeping :)

Making himself at home in Gymboree.
We've learn to let Levi just forego a nap.  If he falls asleep on my bed or couch we won't bother him, but we don't purposely make him lay down in his bed for one.  If so, he'd be up till 10pm or later!
We are going to be out late tonight, way past their bed time, so I told him I would lay down with him if he took a nap. 
(Well, I'm in Jacob's bed)   :)
I must say I've enjoyed the peace and quiet. :)
Jacob will be home soon from school, then we'll turn around and head back for their Fall Festival. 

Have a great weekend!

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