Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Prep

Let's see... I think my Valentine's Day decor went up sometime mid-January. :)
I like to enjoy it as long as possible, and Jacob sure does enjoy when I decorate. 
I really didn't change it up from last year. 
I hit up the local Salvation Army store, and found a couple of cute things - one being this frog (and if you know me, I am deathly afraid of frogs, so for me to buy this was quite ironic)  :)
I put this heart garland in the light fixture.
Today after school Jacob addressed his Valentine's. 
I searched Pinterest for a cute printable and found this one
And for a Valentine's box, we made these :)
What did I ever do before Pinterest?  :)

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Kelley said...

I love pinterest too! Your Valentine's are so cute!