Monday, February 4, 2013

Crazy Animals!

It's been over a week since my social media fast ended.
I never realized how much time I spent blogging, reading other blogs, facebook and twitter.
Why can't I pour that amount of time into God's word.
Huge wake up call!!
Since this is our family scrapbook, I want to document a fun outing we had last weekend. 
We visted the local drive through safari. 
I've lived here almost 16yrs and had never been. 
In my car with me was my mom, Kate and Levi. 
In this truck was John, Beth, Luke, Jacob and my dad (Kris had to work - boo!).
We laughed so hard!!  It was so funny to see the animals come up so close!
Emus were everywhere!
It was a really nice day, and all the animals were so pretty.

Especially love these monkeys! :)
Later we went to a petting area.  We had bags of food, and the animals knew it!!
A goat knocked Luke down and he DID NOT like that!  :)


I hope everyone is doing well.
Happy heart month!


Kelley said...

I have always wanted to go there! How fun!

Anonymous said...

It was the best of times!!

Erin said...

We had such a good time when we went over Spring Break last year, but the weather was too cool for my taste. I would like to go back when it is is nicer (and H can be a little more attentive to what is going on).

I'm Cindi... said...

This is awesome, Kimberley! We've been to something similar in Pine Mountain, Georgia, and I can't remember when we laughed so hard. There's just something about a water buffalo putting his head inside of your car while Grandma screams in the backseat that just tickled us to death. So much fun! Congrats for sticking to your goal! :)

Jenny Marrs said...

We need to go back! Haven't been in ages! And, I feel the same way... I need to turn off the computer more often!!