Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why oh Why?!

It's no secret, I have wavy/semi curly hair - thanks Dad.
If I want straight hair, I have to use a straight iron.

Growing up, I always wanted straight hair, and was so jealous of girls who did.  
I hate that I have to work at it to get it - wish it came naturally.  

Since my c-section was scheduled, I was able to "get ready". 
I looked so rough in the hospital pictures after having Jacob (hello, labored  for 15hrs!), so I purposely got up at 4am to shower, apply makeup and straighten hair!
sidenote:  had to be at the hospital at 5:30am

While in the operating room before the surgery began, I felt hot and light headed.
The nurse asked if I wanted a cool wash cloth for my head - indeed!!

After surgery, after post op recovery, I came out looking like this:


I got exactly what I didn't want:  a hot mess of hair!!

I'm glad I was able to provide a few laughs to my mom, sister and Kris.

One word:  sheesh!!!


Beth said...

I think someone gave you a perm while you were in there!

amywelborn said...

Haha! You still look great...I won't show any of my post baby pics to make up and aweful sweaty hair!!! ;)

Kelley said...

Mine does the same thing. It is nice to know I am not the only one. I think you look great.