Friday, July 30, 2010

Play Time!

I got out the play mat for Levi today.
Between my sister's munchkins and my own, he's the 4th baby to use it.
Needless to say, some of the pieces are missing, so we had to improvise.
He didn't seem to mind.  :)

Guess who else wanted to play!  :)

Such a sweet big brother!
Melts this momma's heart!
Oh how I love my boys!
And I LOVE the fact that I get to say "my boys"!  :)


Jacquie said...

I LOVED having two boys!! God knew exactly what we needed. You're gonna love having those momma's boys... Ha!!


Anonymous said...

those are good, really getting to notice growing... Meme

Erika said...

How precious! They are so SO sweet. My kids always like to lay on the mat too with their younger sibling.

Kelley said...

That is precious! They are so cute together.

Jaime and Katie said...

Your sons are adorable! I'm visiting from Jenna's Blog Hop. Cute blog!


The Robinsons said...

so sweet.