Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Recap

We had a wonderful Christmas, and it was nice to see some snow. We hosted this year, and so my parents and the Pittman family came to our house for lunch. We had a wonderful spread and later open gifts (we drew names, always fun to see what everyone gets).
Kris and I didn't exchange gifts this year since we bought the house and did the upgrades. We figured that was enough for us. Jacob had a few gifts to open before everyone came over. He was excited to see the presents, but would bring every one to Kris and ask him to open - after he got comfortable in his lap.

He loved the drum set

We had to bust out a kids table this year.

We had a little photo shoot. Not sure why I'm laughing so hard. Look at Kate's sweet smile.

Everyone with their gifts.

Our attempt at a family photo. Jacob would not look up for anything. He was not taking his eyes off his new Thomas train. He has gone to bed with it and taken it to every nap too.

Great times, good memories.

p.s. Kris surprised me with a gift - an iPOD Nano. He said since he got a new truck, I should get a gift too. I love it!

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The Robinsons said...

looks like a very merry christmas!