Saturday, September 5, 2015

First day of PreK!

The following day was Levi's first day of PreK!
Ignore that 3rd grade sign in the background.  Whoops!

He goes 3 days a week, and has the same teacher as Jacob did in PreK!

He LOVES school and I pray he does until 2029, better yet, 2033 :)
While he was at school on his first day, I went to Walmart and came across this lunchbox.
And if you've been around these parts any, you know Levi's love for Superman.
I had to get it! :)
He loved it, and wanted me to take his picture!
p.s.  we had to bust out a jacket one August morning... in Arkansas!!!  Brrrr!
Shine Levi, shine!  We love you!

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