Friday, August 21, 2015

Winding Down Summer

School started on August 18th.
So before we dove back into alarm clocks and schedules, we:
Played claw machines, and won!
Levi too!
(don't look at his hair!)

Had dinner with Luke!

Rode bikes around the neighborhood, a lot.

Evening spur-of-the-moment park date.

Went to the library (or li-berry as Levi calls it), however, you wouldn't know it based upon this picture alone.  

Helping me in the kitchen.

Sneaked in brother's bed.

Had shakes at Sonic.
Top pic is last year, bottom is this year and I think it looks nothing like Jacob - must be the shaggy hair.

Went bowling.

Fresh haircuts and hot-towel treatment for all the boys.

Ice cream on the town square

Love our little town.

Enjoyed more ice cream by chasing down the ice cream truck!

Enjoying dinner (and dessert!) with cousins.
Do Luke & Kate look alike or what?!?!

Then fishing with the Grands.

 Watching American Inja Warriors ;)
Joining the Myobrace club.

Went to open house at Levi's new Pre-K, he was a tad excited!

Meet the teacher night at Jacob's school, big 3rd grader!
Now we're ready to get back into the swing of things.


Jenny Marrs said...

I love it! So much end of the summer fun:) I hope the boys are loving school and you're starting to get back into a routine. We are all exhausted but the boys are doing great. I am missing all of the summer fun though!!

Cindi said...

You guys were killin' Summer break!! I hope school is going great!!