Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pinewood Derby

Recently Jacob participated in his second Pinewood Derby.
Last year we were rookies, so this year we put a little more thought into it ;)
I pulled up the trusty Pinterest and showed him some ideas of different themes for cars.
He really liked the Purple Minion.
He received first place for overall design.
We must give a big shout out to Daddy for helping ;)

He actually won 3 of his 4 heats in speed.  

Our pack.

This kid! 
He makes us laugh!
Oh, and he wore his Minion shirt to support Jacob :)
p.s.  Levi started reciting The Pledge of Allegiance on his own tonight.
I didn't realize he knew it! 
After 2yrs of tagging along to all the Cub Scout meetings, he memorized it!
Guess little man has been paying attention :) 

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