Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekend Getaway

Friday Jacob skipped school, and we drove to Oklahoma City.
We bought tickets to ride Thomas the Train on Saturday.
Levi is obsessed with Thomas, as was Jacob at this age.
And ironically, Jacob still plays with his trains so I figured we better go now before he gets any older.  :)
So we made a little weekend getaway out of it.
Friday we went to the Science Museum.
The kids LOVED it!!

They got to do so many fun things!

I'm a nerd, I made Jacob wear his planet shirt :)

Jacob got to ride a Segway, he loved it!
Up next... Thomas. :)


Frank and Natalie said...

They are getting so big and handsome! That science museum looked like a blast.

Beth said...

love it! was no one else there?