Thursday, July 10, 2014


This week has been Vacation Bible school (or VBX) at our church.
Kate went with Jacob this year and I volunteered to be a crew leader for 2nd graders.

The first night, Kate was called onto stage for a game.

She had to dig for gummy worms in cool whip.
And halfway through, I realized our friend Caleb was next to her.  :)

Catching confetti
Jacob trying so hard to get on the big screen :)
I can easily remember attending VBS at my Granny's church.
I can still taste the cookies and Kool-Aid :)
me with my sweet Granny and her pastor (circa 1981). 
this is a polaroid I will cherish forever (please ignore the staple in the church, ha!)

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Beth said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I was just telling Kate about VBS at Granny's church last night and I was talking about the cookies and kool-aid too! Also, the flag ceremonies! So funny. I love all the pics. So sweet. Kate is having a great time! Thank you for taking her.