Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday we went up to our town's square with Beth and her family for some ice cream.
Isn't this kid-size booth so cute?!  They serve the tiniest cones for the kiddos called cuties. 
It was so hot and you could cut the humidity with a knife, but that didn't stop us.
And truth be told, Jacob ended up in the fountain to retrieve a couple of pairs of flip flops that someone whose name starts with an L and ends with an I threw in.
Saturday I spent a big chunk of the day making a football burlap wreath. 
I've seen them all over Pinterest and wanted to make one. 
My friend Melody recently made one so I need to thank her for giving me the nudge!  :)
After Levi was dressed today for church, I remembered Jacob wearing the same shirt when he was 3.
Unfortunately I didn't get Levi's picture until after lunch, so he has a ketchup stain :)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Cindi said...

AWESOME job on the wreath, K!! I just took the wreath I've had on our front door since April down this past weekend, and this has totally inspired me to put something in its place. Pinterest here I come....