Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Last Possible Swim

I think we hit 100* both yesterday and today.  
And I am done with the HOT weather!  Bring on Fall!
I am ready to pull out my fall decor!

Yesterday right before dinner, Jacob asked if we could fill the tiny pool with water.  
My initial thought was 'no you're about to eat' and I honestly didn't want to mess with it.
But I never want to look back years from now and wished I had played more with my boys or regret not doing something because of an inconvenience for me.

Seriously, they were so happy!  How could I not do this simple favor for them :)

Jacob quickly ran after his swim trunks, but Levi was content in a swim diaper.
Sweet brothers!

Jacob needed his goggles because he was diving.
This is his version of diving :)  And of course Levi had to follow his every move. :)

Handsome big boy!

At one point the swim diaper came off :)

Momma loves you, sweet boys!


Melody said...

I can't believe how big they are getting. What happened to our little boys. I was just thinking today I wonder if it's to early to bust out the Halloween/Fall decor :-)

Erin said...

I LOVE that last pic of Levi. The face is priceless. And I am with you on the being done with summer.

The Crowder Family said...

ADORABLE! Jacob and Levi are too cute! I was just thinking about getting out Jack's little pool too!

Kelley said...

Those are such sweet pictures!